Chef Javier Machuca

In 1990 Chef Javier Machuca came to the U.S. from his homeland Oaxaca, Mexico. He started at La Strada as a Kitchen Prep. His Teacher was former Head Chef Chai, and also owner of Crostini. Where Chef Javier will continue his cooking skills. A little afterwards Chef Javier met his dear friend Chef Youssef Nafaa. Owner of Mia Bella Trattoria. Chef Nafaa appointed Chef Javier as Head Chef of Mia Bella once he saw his amazing cooking skills and expertise palate. Chef Javier worked with Chef Nafaa for over 13 Years. In 2012 Chef Javier finally decided to give his experience and expertise a chance to show to the community of Houston how he would make Italian Food stand above others. Bellissimo Ristorante (meaning Beautiful in Italian) Established in the corner of 25th and North Main. Chef Javier and his uncle Pedro Espinoza (also a former Chef at La Strada, Current owner of Pedro’s Distributing) Opened their first restaurant together. 8 months passed by and Bellissimo as over crowded, didn’t have the capacity to sit more than 60 people. Chef Javier saw a better opportunity which is now where Bellissimo Ristorante stands of today. It has been almost a year at the new location and Chef Javier is still showing new customers everyday a new expertise in Italian Food coming from the Traditional Chicken Parmigiano to a Fusion Twist of his Personal Favorite Pasta alla Bellissimo.

Bellissimo would love to thank everyon for their support

Javier Machuca